Welcome Mustang Nation to J.J. Pearce Athletics 2018-2019. J.J. Pearce HS celebrated an incredible athletic year in 2017-2018 and now looks to build on our momentum.


This is a year of change for the Mustangs as we enter a new UIL District & Region (8-6A/Region 1) that provides a few new faces in Duncanville and Dallas Molina. What will never change is our athletic department’s goal of providing this great community with the program it deserves. Our staff will strive daily to produce young men and women who fearlessly compete to meet our standard of BEST on and off the field!  


To be our best on and off the field requires consistent habits and behaviors. In order to achieve that, we have adopted a system we call Performance Pathway.  A system where leaders create a culture that drives behaviors which produce results.   A system that will help our athletes become the BEST version of themselves.  We introduce this system through a series of weekly lessons. 


Week 1: Path to Leadership – The Best Version of Ourselves

Week 2: Path to Leadership – Lead Now, Build Trust & Produce Results

Week 3: Path to Leadership – Pulling It All Together to Achieve Elite Results

Week 5: Embrace the Chase for Elite – Exclusive & Elusive

Week 6: Behaviors that Create Elite – W.I.N ( What’s Important Now)

Week 7: Behaviors that Create Elite – Relentless Pursuit

Week 8: Behaviors that Create Elite Unit Strength - Brotherhood of Trust

Week 9: Behaviors that Create Elite – Competitive Excellence -Drive & Discipline

Week 10: Back to the Foundation Above the Line

Week 11: Necessity of Alignment – Physics Behind Elite






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